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Curtain cleaning services

Why we should need the Curtain cleaning services?

Curtains are always an indispensable part of every modern family today.

In addition to sun protection, curtains and blinds also contribute to the cozy elegance of every family.
Over time, curtains and blinds will become dirty due to many factors such as dirt, unintentional stains from humans.In order to keep curtains clean, home owners need to wash the curtains. , curtains after a period of use.

Curtain cleaning services

However, washing curtains, washing curtains is quite difficult and takes a lot of time, not only that, but the effect from self-cleaning curtains, washing curtains is not high because curtain washing equipment, washing curtains are not suitable … For modernized society, you should save time by finding yourself a company specializing in cleaning curtains at home profession.

As a provider of laundry services curtains professional. You can be assured of the results after we perform the washing process.

Skywind is committed to being a quality service because customers are dedicated.

Curtain cleaning services procedure:

  • Step 1: receive information.Insulation price .Set work schedule.
  • Step 2: disassemble and classify curtains.Remove marking each curtain area. Classification (to apply Use appropriate method of washing curtains.) Confirm the status of the curtain.
  • Step 3: Wash, clean the curtains (each type of curtain has different washing ways).
  • Step 4: Install. Set the curtains to their original position – calibrate. Sign the acceptance record. Check the curtain carefully before installation.

Curtain cleaning services

Skywind is committed to being a quality service because customers are dedicated and dedicated.

Our cleaning service process

– Requirement accepted

Receive customer service request information

– Move quickly

Staff moved quickly to the location of the service

– Construction of services

Construction services required by the customer

– Complete the service

Complete the service in the best way

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