Sofa cleaning services Professional

sofa cleaning services

Sofa cleaning services

sofa cleaning services

Sofa has long been considered a household item in the overall household items. Sofas not only bring a sense of softness, comfort but also bring a luxurious and elegant feel to your living room, but how long have you not cleaned your sofa.

Come to our sofa cleaning service to enjoy our best service.

Introducing sofa cleaning services

With an experienced staff. We are confident to introduce our services. Ensuring quality and reputation in the current service market.
For sofa cleaning services. We conduct laundry directly at your home. This is different than when we wash the curtain or the floor mats … Many families cleaning the sofa sometimes is not as desired. We have also overcome not many cases.
Usually when you need our advice on service when the sofa has strange phenomena. A lot of the time is caused by mistakes in cleaning, and if you can clean your chair by yourself, always follow one rule. Because sometimes not following the rules of hygiene is bad for your family chair.
When you trust our service. We are committed to serving our customers quickly and professionally with a reasonable process and special stay in handling experience.

sofa cleaning services

Sofa cleaning process at home

In order to perform the sofa washing at home we use specialized machines. Get the job done more precisely and efficiently.
Note that if you wash without using specialized equipment, our chairs will not be as clean as you want. And sometimes dryness leads to a rather unpleasant odor.

sofa cleaning services

Conducting sofa cleaning services we usually abide by the procedure.

Step 1: Vacuum the entire chair. This helps to eliminate large grime. So that when washing do not scratch or tear the seat surface.
Step 2: Choose the right chemicals for your sofa. Mix into a dedicated bottle to conduct spray onto the seat surface.
Step 3: Spray the solution just mixed on the seat surface. After about 5-10 minutes will proceed to beat and wash.
Step 4: Use a special brush to conduct strong tea to remove deep stains.
Step 5: Use a special vacuum to remove all dirty water after scrubbing.
Step 6: Spray 2 times. This time do not spray evenly on the surface of the seat, but handle the remaining stubborn stains to conduct a second rub for the dirty places.
Step 7: Absorb water 2 times.
Step 8: Dry the chair by fan, air conditioner or it can also be exposed under the conditions

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